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Add a decor to your Facebook profile picture

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Apply a background to a profile photo


A small revolution is underway on Facebook. The social network now offers the possibility to its users to add a decoration to their profile picture. Flowers, landscape, color gradient, flag you can add any background to your profile. There is almost no limit to your imagination..

Apply a background to a profile photo

In the digital age, it is now impossible to ignore social networks. Facebook has become a must to glean information or stay in touch with family and loved ones.

In addition, opening a Facebook account does not cost anything. Joining the world's most popular social network is completely free. If you are new to Facebook, you will quickly discover the importance of images..

Quality visuals play a vital role in the success of your publications. This is a powerful lever for engagement. It is therefore important to ensure that your profile image conveys a positive image of you.

And what better than a good photo to make a good impression. It enhances and humanizes your Facebook page. You can also add a fund in support of a cause or an organization. Your profile will become more attractive and more eye-catching..

Adding a decor to your Facebook profile photo does not present any major difficulty. You don't have to be a Photoshop pro to do this type of operation. Everything is done directly from the site or the Facebook application.