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mobile network not available - what to do?

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You can do this when you are not connected to the cellular network

In our tipps + tricks article, we'll tell you what you can do if your smartphone has no reception..

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Whether you are in a dead zone or your SIM card is defective - nothing works without a cellular network. Because to make calls, text or surf the Internet, you have to be connected to the network. If you have problems connecting, it could be for a number of reasons. And it is often not your provider who is to blame.

You can do this when you are not connected to the cellular network

Are you in airplane mode?

Check if you might be in airplane mode. You can tell by the small airplane in the status bar above. When airplane mode is on, all connections are disabled. You can find out how to deactivate it below:


Pull down the notification bar from the top and tap the offline mode icon to deactivate it.



Drag the control center from the top or bottom of the screen, depending on which model you are using, and deactivate airplane mode with a tap on the corresponding icon..


Have you rebooted?

Restarting your smartphone can fix many minor software problems. Therefore, perform a restart and then wait until the mobile phone has established a connection.

Are you in a dead spot?

If the connection is still not established after a restart, you may find yourself in a dead zone. If possible, go a few meters and double-check your connection..

Is there a problem with the provider?

If the network is overloaded, your provider may malfunction. You can look at allestören.de to see whether there is currently a malfunction.

Is your SIM card blocked or defective?

If you are using a prepaid card, it may have been deactivated. As a rule, such cards are blocked after one year, even with the credit they contain. In this case, contact your provider, who can also help you if your SIM is damaged. We have listed the numbers of the most popular providers for you here:

  • O2 - 55 222 or 555 282
  • Blue - 0177 177 1159
  • Telecom - 0800 3301000
  • Vodafone - 0800 172 1212
  • Congstar - 0221 78 700 700