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Solution for Samsung galaxy S5 water damage problem

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Solution 1: Isopropyl liquid to solve most S5 problems damaged by water

If you accidentally dropped your Samsung Galaxy S5 into water, act quickly and remove it from the water as soon as possible. Do not expect anything else. While this is simple, it is the first step in solving the problem of a water damaged phone. This step is especially important if you drop it in salt water.

If you love your phone and want it to work well, then avoid the urge to press any button. It can cause water to seep deeper. Do not turn on the phone or use the touch screen or press any of the buttons on the phone.

An easy solution to help reactivate a phone that has been exposed to moisture, water or any form of liquid is the use of 99% isopropyl alcohol. It is very effective and can solve a series of problems related to a telephone submerged in water. Everything from the touch screen that does not work to the charging port that does not do its job correctly, can be fixed with the help of isopropyl alcohol. But I am talking about the damage that has been caused by water in the phone and not because your phone is physically damaged.

If that is the case, then isopropyl alcohol will not work. However, once you have tried to use alcohol to solve the problem and your phone still does not work, your phone hardware may be damaged and certain parts of your phone may need to be replaced.

When using isopropyl alcohol, you should immerse the phone in it for at least a couple of hours and then dry it in a bowl of rice until it is completely dry before turning on the phone.

Solution 2: the phone answers only when a charger is plugged in

If you have completely dried your phone in the bowl of raw rice and it still does not work, connect it to a charger to check if it is charging. If your phone recognizes the charger and the charging light comes on, then you may be able to restore the phone's life by replacing the phone's battery. If you do not have a replacement battery or if you do not want to spend on one without knowing the result, you can take the phone to a local repair shop where a professional can use a replacement battery to check if it is the battery that may be causing the battery. Problem If you have a friend or relative who uses an S5, you can borrow your battery to check if your phone works or not. If you do, all you need to do is get a new battery for your phone. But if a replacement battery does not change anything on the phone, then you should consider taking it to a professional.

Solution 3: Samsung Galaxy S5 does not respond at all

If your phone does not answer at all, try changing the battery and check if it works with a new battery. If you do, then you should buy a new battery for your phone.

Solution 4: Samsung Galaxy S5 works but does not charge

If your phone turns on but you cannot charge it, the first thing you should do is create a backup copy of all the files on the phone. Once you have created a backup of all the data, try using a different charger to charge the phone. If it still does not work, try to verify if it connects to your computer and if the computer can recognize it. If it still doesn't work, check if an external charger can help you charge your phone's battery. If you can't find a solution, then you can consider changing your phone.

Solution 5: S5 heats up during charging

If you have problems with the heating of your Samsung Galaxy S5 while it is charging, there is not much troubleshooting that can help your phone. You should consider replacement options if this is the case, since phone repair can be very inconvenient and there is a possibility that you cannot find out where the problem is.

Solution 6: Galaxy S5 overheats

If your phone starts to overheat after you have dropped it into the water, it means that there is a hardware malfunction and that it can be difficult to repair on your own. You can consider a professional to help you solve the problem. The problem can be difficult to locate and that is why it cannot be easily solved. The best option is to verify if you can replace the phone.

Solution 7: screen fading

If the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S5 seems discolored, then the water has damaged the screen and cannot be repaired. This means that your phone must be replaced.

Solution 8: black screen or lines on the screen

The flexible cable of your phone is responsible for a correct display on your phone. If the screen does not work, then you should check the flexible cable of your phone. For those who know how to solve it, you must disassemble the phone and look for anomalies in the cable. I would suggest that you have a professional look on the subject if you are not so knowledgeable about technology. Because if you play with the phone wires, there is a possibility that you may cause more problems if other parties get hurt in the process.

These Samsung Galaxy S5 problems related to exposure to moisture and water are the most common. Most of the time, it is difficult to repair the phone yourself if it does not work after drying. You may have to consider replacement options many times if the phone is damaged by water or moisture. If you want to replace the phone, check the LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator) that will tell you if the phone warranty has been voided or not. Try these steps yourself if the warranty is voided, but if the phone is still under warranty, it is best to take it to a Samsung store for professional help.

To verify the LDI, you must remove the back cover and the battery of your phone. Now look at the images and look for the LDI tag. A white LDI tag means that there is no liquid damage, but a pink or red LDI means that there is a liquid damage that voids your phone's warranty. If the phone warranty was voided, you can try the steps above to help you solve the problem yourself.