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Instagram: how to post a video from a computer

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Upload your videos to Instagram with a Mac or PC
Post video posts via Instagram Creator Studio


The Instagram photo-sharing network now offers the possibility for its users to post videos from a Mac or PC. For people who do not feel comfortable with a smartphone, this device can be an interesting solution. In this guide, you will find various methods for posting videos from a computer..

Upload your videos to Instagram with a Mac or PC

Computers have significant advantages over smartphones. Among them we can mention a larger screen, an ultra-powerful processor as well as the presence of a keyboard and a mouse.

When it comes to making a video montage or creating a photo slideshow, many Internet users prefer to turn to a computer. Video editing software for PC or Mac offers better handling and many more features (filters, subtitles, special effects, audio mixing) than their smartphone counterparts..

If you intend to make a video for Instagram to collect as many likes as possible, then you have every interest in going through a computer. This will give you greater flexibility to let your creativity run free.

Problem once the editing is finished, you must send the video to your phone in order to publish it from the Instagram application. It is long and tedious. In this article, we will present a trick to publish a video directly from your PC or Mac without going through your phone..

  • Open your web browser and go to the Instagram home page available at this address https://www.instagram.com/?hl=fr
  • Enter your account details to connect
  • Tap the plus sign in the upper right corner of the screen (to the left of the compass-shaped Explore icon)
  • Drag your video into the gray frame provided for this purpose
  • You can also press the blue Select button on the computer then choose your video by browsing the tree structure of your hard drive

Instagram will then give you different options to perfect your video. You will be able to change the size of the video, add a filter or write a caption. Note that the interface of the web version of Instagram remains quite accessible to a neophyte.

Post video posts via Instagram Creator Studio

There is another way to post videos to Instagram from computer. This method requires using the Instagram Creator Studio tool edited by Facebook, the parent company of the photo-sharing social network.

It is free to use but requires you to have an Instagram Business account and to connect it to your Facebook page. Creator Studio will not only allow you to post your photos and videos to Instagram from any computer.

You can also use it to plan your posts and manage your content (including your stories) on Facebook and Instagram from a single application. Creator Studio will also help you track the performance of your posts and respond to posts and comments.

The big advantage of this tool is its compatibility with all web browsers on the market (such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari). However, it has some drawbacks such as having to have a professional Instagram account. If this is not the case, here is the procedure to follow to convert your Instagram account into a professional account.