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Netflix stream hangs - what to do?

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Is your Netflix stream stuck and just not loading properly? In this article, we'll show you what you can do about it..

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Comfortably on the sofa, watch your favorite series or an exciting film on Netflix - this is the perfect evening for many. However, stuttering and long loading times of the stream can really spoil the fun. In the following tips + tricks article, we explain what you can do against the hangover.

  • Is the problem with Netflix?
    Open another video on Netflix to see if the problem occurs there too. If not, the video on Netflix could be faulty. Click the Report a Problem button to report the faulty video. If the button does not appear, the problem has already been reported.
  • End parallel processes
    End parallel running downloads, open tabs or other streams to free up more bandwidth for your Netflix stream. You may also need to close other programs that are running on the computer to free up more memory.
  • Set the quality directly
    Netflix automatically searches for the best quality. This can lead to stuttering if your internet connection has a fluctuating quality and the quality is currently being adjusted. Switch off the automatic quality setting and simply set the quality directly to high if you are at home or in a fast WiFi network. If you still have problems after this, you can try choosing a lower quality as downloading an HD stream can cause problems. You shouldn't stream in HD quality while you're on the move either, as this will use up a lot of data volume.
  • Improve Your Router Speed
    If your computer or television is not connected to your router, it can slow down . As a rule of thumb, if the speed is above 10 Mbit / s (megabits per second) you shouldn't have a problem with the stream. In all likelihood, the problem lies with Netflix. You can check your speed at https://beta.speedtest.net/de testing. At speeds below 10 Mbit / s you can try to move your streaming device closer to the router or to optimize the position of the router. For example, if it is next to a large electrical device, signal interference can occur. Other factors for a slow speed can also be devices registered in the WLAN in parallel, which cut their slice of the bandwidth. So de-register devices that are not currently required.