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iPhone: Fix bluetooth connection problems

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Check the bluetooth device
Check the iPhone
Check the iPhone's software

You can find out how to fix connection problems with Bluetooth on the iPhone here..

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With Bluetooth you can connect devices such as headphones, smartwatches or speakers to your iPhone. This works fine in most cases, but connection problems can occur from time to time. Then read this article to learn what you can do.

Check the bluetooth device

  1. Switch the Bluetooth device off and on again and check whether the Bluetooth connection and coupling is activated on the device.
  2. Make sure that the two devices are close to each other and that the radio connection is not blocked by objects or walls.
  3. If the Bluetooth device is also connected to other smartphones, disconnect these connections.
  4. See if other Bluetooth devices are working with the iPhone. If so, contact the manufacturer of the Bluetooth device that is not working.

Check the iPhone

  1. Also switch Bluetooth off and on again on the iPhone. If the tick in the Bluetooth settings is not green but gray when the device is switched on , you should contact Apple Support , as in this case a hardware error could be the problem.
  2. If the Bluetooth device was previously connected to the iPhone, unpair it and reconnect it.
  3. Restart your iPhone.

Check the iPhone's software

  1. If the operating instructions for the Bluetooth device speak of an app , download it from the App Store.
    If the app is already installed, check for an update . To do this, open the “ App Store ”, tap on your avatar in the top right corner and check the “ Pending automatic updates ” area. If available, install the update for the app. Open the app once and set it up if necessary.

    Then open the " Settings ", scroll down to " Data protection ", tap on " Bluetooth " and check whether there is a green tick next to the app.
  2. Check for an iOS software update for your iPhone.
  3. If the connection still does not work, you can reset the network settings. However, this deletes all registrations in WLANs as well as previous connections via Bluetooth and should serve as a last resort. To
    do this, open “ Settings ” and tap on “ General ”. Scroll to the very bottom and tap on “ Reset ”. There tap on “ Network Settings ” and confirm the entry with your code.
  4. If that doesn't solve your problem either, contact Apple Support and state that no Bluetooth accessories can be connected to the device.