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Automatically transfer some of your calls to your answering machine

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Stop being bothered by your phone ringing
Activate automatic call forwarding to the answering machine


Colleagues, clients, friends, you don't want to be disturbed by phone calls from some of your contacts? Rather than blocking all incoming calls, here's a trick by automatically forwarding calls from people who annoy you to your voicemail. Enough to spend a pleasant Sunday without being constantly bothered by his mother-in-law..

Stop being bothered by your phone ringing

Everyone is familiar with Android's blacklist function. You may already be using it to block unwanted numbers on your phone. Although very useful, this device has several drawbacks.

Indeed, once a contact is blocked, you will no longer receive any of their messages or even notifications indicating that they have tried to reach you. This system is perfect for no longer being bothered by telephone direct sellers (telephone spam) and other stalkers..

On the other hand, when it comes to not being annoyed (temporarily) by a contact that is a little too intrusive, this function turns out to be far too restrictive. We will see that it is possible to automatically transfer the contact of your choice to the answering machine without blocking it.

This way, you will continue to be informed of his calls and even receive his SMS without your smartphone ringing. It is the ideal solution for working or focusing on your tasks without being constantly disturbed by your phone..

In addition, you can very easily deactivate the transfer of phone calls to voicemail. This service is available free of charge on most smartphones running Android. Please note, forwarding is only to voice mail. If you want to transfer a call to another phone number, you will need to contact your operator's customer service.

Activate automatic call forwarding to the answering machine

You want to regain control over your life and not be interrupted by your phone ringing. Luckily the Android developers have thought of you. The latest versions of Google's mobile operating system have a function to automatically redirect calls from a predefined contact to their answering machine without being bothered by the ringing of their mobile.

  • Open the Phone app on your Android smartphone
  • Click on the Contacts tab at the bottom of your device window
  • Find in the list the name or phone number of your contact whose calls you no longer wish to receive
  • Click on their name to open their file
  • Press the Menu button (three dots aligned) located in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Select the Redirect to mail option

From now on, each time the person tries to reach you, their call will automatically be directed to your answering machine. You can always pretend that your smartphone has turned off by itself. Then it's up to you to show your imagination.

This solution works equally well with calls made from a mobile or a landline. For the owners of a Free mobile plan, you will find in this article a solution to filter calls from a fixed telephone (Freebox).

To deactivate this call transfer to the answering machine, simply repeat the operation described above and uncheck the Redirect to voicemail box. Be careful not to abuse this secret boot too much. Your correspondent may be tempted to call you from another number to verify that you have not blocked him.