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What is a backup?

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What is a backup anyway?
Which backup strategy is the right one?
How can you create a backup on the different operating systems?

Backups are now being created everywhere - on smartphones, computers or in the cloud. But what does the term actually mean?

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In short, a backup is a backup of your files that is stored in a different location and can be used for recovery after data loss. Backups are usually created on an external hard drive, in a cloud or on other data storage media. It is important that personal data is backed up in order to react quickly in the event of loss. In this article, we will explain in a nutshell everything you should know about a backup.

What is a backup anyway?

A backup is the copying of data to a suitable storage medium. These include external hard drives, optical data carriers or USB sticks. Many users also back up their data in the cloud. The whole point of a backup is that the data can be restored if you lose it. The reasons for this could be varied: you catch malware or hardware failure means that you no longer have access to all of your files on the hard drive. This is annoying - therefore the most important first thing: The question of "whether" is superfluous, because a backup should always be created. The best time to do this? Now. You can then recover your personal data at any time using data recovery. In short: a backup prevents data loss.

Which backup strategy is the right one?

There isn't one backup strategy that is 100% satisfactory for every user. The importance of data backup fluctuates. For example, the loss of scores is still manageable, while the loss of the master's thesis or tax documents is very critical. For example, always keep a simple copy on a USB stick ready.

A good strategy for really important dates is the 3-2-1 rule . Three copies of data, two media and an external data backup. The so-called golden rule can be easily achieved by saving one copy on your local hard drive and two more copies on external hard drives or USB sticks. You should keep one of the two copies with relatives or trusted friends. You can also encrypt the copies.

How can you create a backup on the different operating systems?

A backup is now essential for the major operating systems on computers. We have already created a few tips + tricks articles for you :

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