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TeamSpeak for Android

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What can the TeamSpeak 3 app do?
Attention, risk of confusion!

Would you like to use the "TeamSpeak" software on your Android device? We'll show you how..

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Do you use the TeamSpeak client on your computer, but would also like to be available on the go? Then you could think about buying the appropriate Android app. With this you can access your TeamSpeak server and have the same range of functions as on the computer. A little tip: don't forget your headset!

What can the TeamSpeak 3 app do?

The TeamSpeak app should also provide you with the current TeamSpeak 3 version for Android smartphones and tablets. You can use it to write on the server as usual, listen to music in the voice chat or via a bot. Features such as contact management and push-to-talk / voice activation are also available. You can also follow your server bookmarks saved on your PC while you are on the move. You can also see who is currently active on the servers.

The app costs € 1.19 - but it is completely ad-free. TeamSpeak for Android is regularly maintained and updated to the current version free of charge.

Attention, risk of confusion!

The official TeamSpeak app for smartphones is called " TeamSpeak 3 - Voice Chat Software ". "TeamSpeak Systems GmbH" is given as the publisher. Even if it is low, the price of 1.19 € can put you off at first. Therefore one could be tempted to use one of the free variants like "TS3 Viewer" or "TS Mobile". But watch out: These apps are not from the TeamSpeak manufacturer itself..

This is what the official TeamSpeak 3 app looks like in the Google PlayStore.

That doesn't necessarily mean that the other apps are no good. However, you should always be careful with unofficial alternatives to whom you may disclose confidential information. Appearances are deceptive here, too: While both apps are initially free, premium features, such as the freedom to advertise, can be purchased through in-app purchases.