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What is a Smart TV?

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Smart TV: intelligent television
Apps like on the smartphone
Malicious software threat on the Internet

Would you like to know what exactly a smart TV is and what makes it so smart? We'll explain it to you..

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Almost all televisions on the market are now so-called smart TVs. This means, among other things, that you can connect them to the Internet and thus use special Smart TV functions and Smart TV apps. In this article, we will explain to you what exactly this brings you and what dangers it entails.

Smart TV: intelligent television

According to their name, smart TVs are intelligent televisions . They become smart, i.e. intelligent, because they can connect to the Internet . This means that you can also use the "Hybrid broadcast broadband TV" function, or HbbTV for short . This is a kind of teletext: thanks to the Internet connection, the television can add current information to the current program.

If information is available for the program you are currently watching, the Smart TV will show you. In most cases, a push of a button on the remote control is sufficient to call up the information. Often, however, smart TVs also have voice control . In addition to the HbbTV, you have the option of using the media library to watch missed programs and films later. Like on a PC, you can also surf the Internet and watch videos on YouTube, for example.

Apps like on the smartphone

You can usually connect to the Internet using a LAN cable, WLAN or WLAN stick. As with a smartphone, you can install apps on most smart TVs . There is, for example, the app from Facebook, Spotify or Netflix - and you can use social networks, listen to music or stream films directly on the television..

Malicious software threat on the Internet

But the Internet also harbors dangers for televisions - as well as for computers. Your Smart TV can also be infected with malware such as viruses. To be as secure as possible, you should always install all updates from the manufacturer, deactivate functions that are not required and ensure that only authorized persons have access to the smart functions. How you can protect your smart TV, read in this article.