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What is a server?

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What is a server
Where are servers used?

Would you like to know what a server is? You'll find the answer here!

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In connection with the topics of the Internet and network, the keyword "web server" or "client" is often used. Regardless of whether for data exchange or even for printing - servers can be found everywhere. In the following tipps + tricks article, we explain exactly what this is all about.

What is a server

In most cases, a server is a piece of hardware that makes resources available to other devices or programs. In most cases, servers are used to transfer some kind of data. There is the server host and the client . The server host is, so to speak, the server owner or the one who makes the server available. Often the operator then has an actual physical server or even an entire server room. The client is the user of this server and can access it - often for a fee. Various operations can then be handled via a server. In most cases, this then includes software that takes on further data management or invoices..

Where are servers used?

The purpose for which servers are used is very diverse. The main task of a server is to exchange data. But that doesn't just mean that a file is sent from one computer to another, it also means a lot more. Of course, there is also the simple version of the data server. This represents a storage platform on which users can then save and access files. This version is often used in companies, but is also used as a media server in the home network. Here you will find tips on how to set up a NAS storage server using the FritzBox. Incidentally, companies also like to use e-mail servers. All e-mail traffic then runs through these servers. In general, servers are often used for data transmission. There are also server printers, for example.These are not connected to a single computer via a cable, but are connected to all computers in the network via a server. This means that every device on this network can use the printer.

Many offices have a network. This runs via an office-internal server. This is designed in such a way that not only office computers but also home office computers can access it.

In addition, web servers are used on every website. Because websites are also hosted via a server. The source text is stored there, which is then displayed correctly formatted to a visitor to the website. You will then no longer see the character input, but the web design as it was planned.

There are also servers in the gaming area. These are then either available as hardware from the game distributor or are distributed worldwide. In online games, only part of the data is actually stored locally on the computer. Everything else runs online via servers, with which all players are then connected. And because the servers have operating costs too, there are some publishers who charge additional fees for playing online.

To emphasize once again: Really everything on the Internet runs on servers: It doesn't matter whether you are writing a document in Office 365, watching your favorite series on Netflix or sending your loved ones a message in WhatsApp. In Netflix, for example, all series and films are stored on an online media server, which you can call up at the push of a button..

Even if you just watch a series on Netflix, you are using a server.