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How to turn on noise reduction mode on iPhone

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What is the noise reduction mode for?


Are there background noises, buzzing or light clicks interfering with your phone calls? You may not know it, but your iPhone has a noise reduction system. As its name suggests, this option reduces ambient noise during telephone conversations..

What is the noise reduction mode for?

Do you find yourself bothered by background noises when making a phone call? Rest assured, you are far from the only one to find yourself facing this type of problem. Following a telephone conversation in the street (automobile traffic, roadworks) or in a noisy environment (such as a train station or an airport) is particularly difficult.

It is never pleasant to shout to cover the uproar around you or even to listen to try to decipher the words of your interlocutor. Especially if we are suffering. Fortunately for you, the iPhone now offers a function to hide ambient background noise during phone calls..

  • Open your iPhone settings
  • Click on the Accessibility section
  • Select the Audi / Visual option at the bottom of the screen
  • Activate the Noise reduction switch