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Compose and send your messages in advance on an iPhone

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Choose the date and time to send a message on an iPhone

Are you one of those people who always forget birthdays? Rest assured, you can now program your SMS in advance directly from your iPhone. In this tutorial you will discover how to schedule the automatic sending of a message on an Apple smartphone..

Choose the date and time to send a message on an iPhone

We have all already lost our keys or forgotten to wish a birthday to a loved one. Until then, nothing could be more banal. Some of you may have gotten into the bad habit of not immediately responding to texts or forgetting to confirm outings and dinners with friends.

Be careful, these little oversights can be interpreted as nonchalance or even indifference. The absent-minded person is often accused of being insensitive by the people around him. Good news, there is a way to stop sending happy birthdays late..

The solution is to plan your texts in advance. You write your message in advance, then you select the time and date to send it and you choose your recipient. Your phone will then take care of sending your message to your correspondent without any intervention on your part.