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Vodafone HomeSpot - what is it?

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What exactly is the Vodafone HomeSpot service?
How do I use a Vodafone HotSpot?
How can I set up a Vodafone HomeSpot?

Would you like to find out more about the Vodafone HomeSpot? Here you find all important information!

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Perhaps you have already noticed: You are walking through the city and the "Vodafone HomeSpot" keeps popping up in the available WLAN networks. This is a public WiFi network from Vodafone and can be used by anyone.

What exactly is the Vodafone HomeSpot service?

A while ago, Vodafone had the idea that every WLAN router should offer a public WLAN network in addition to a private WLAN network. If every Vodafone customer activates this function on his router, a nationwide public network can be set up. The use of such a HomeSpot is free - with certain restrictions. In general, up to four mobile devices can log into the HomeSpot per user account..

If you are a Vodafone customer yourself and provide a HomeSpot, you can use any other HomeSpot without restrictions and free of charge. In plain language this means that you not only have unlimited free WiFi at home, but also when you are out and about. The only limitation, however, is the speed, as this cannot necessarily be compared with a private WLAN network: Downloads work with up to 10 Mbit / s, uploads with up to 2 Mbit / s. Depending on the connection, this is still faster than with mobile data - and usually also cheaper.

Even if you are not a Vodafone customer, you can still access HomeSpots on the go. The first half an hour per day is free, after which you have to pay. The exact price depends on the tariff you have chosen: If you want, you can book the WLAN HotSpot Flat. For Vodafone customers, the WiFi service costs € 4.99 per month, provided there is already an internet and telephone flat rate. If you are not yet a Vodafone customer and accordingly do not have a flat rate, the WiFi service costs € 19.99 per month. Alternatively, you can also buy individual tickets, either for a day, a week or a month of use. The 1-day variant then costs, for example, a one-off € 4.99..

By the way: You don't have to worry about the security of your own WLAN network: The public HotSpot is a separate network so that no one else can access your home network.

How do I use a Vodafone HotSpot?

It's actually very simple: call up the WiFi settings on your smartphone. Various WiFi networks are displayed there. If you are in the vicinity of a HomeSpot, it will be displayed as "Vodafone HomeSpot" (or similar). You can connect to this network directly; you do not need to enter a password..

Here you can see the Vodafone HomeSpot in the list of possible WLAN connections.

How can I set up a Vodafone HomeSpot?

If you yourself are a Vodafone customer and have a cable router, you have definitely already met the basic requirements for a Vodafone HotSpot. In most cases, the HomeSpot is even directly active and is broadcast from your device. To be sure, it is best to take a look at the Vodafone customer portal. You will also find the HomeSpot option in your contract details. There you can turn it on and off. You can find more information on this on the Vodafone help page. Otherwise you can also contact customer service by phone on 0800/1721212.