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How to discreetly delete a follower from their Twitter account

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The old method of deleting followers on Twitter
Gently remove a member from their subscriber list
How to block a Twitter account


We all have in our list of friends, one or more totally uncontrollable subscribers. You know the kind of people who attack everyone and think they know everything about everything. Well thanks to the new function of Twitter, you will be able to delete this subscriber without having to block his account. This is done with just a few clicks. We explain how it all works..

The old method of deleting followers on Twitter

Some people behave on social media the way they do in the real world. We all have in our list of followers, a subscriber who poses as an expert in all areas. He gives his opinion on everything and does not hesitate to criticize (sometimes violently) others.

We also have the compulsive capable of sending you dozens of hi? per day via private messaging. And I am not talking about the pseudo influencers who spend their days displaying their private life in order to maintain a link with their community..

However, one can wonder if it is necessary to know their daily life in great detail. Should we for example know that this Twitter subscriber could not leave the weekend because of a gastro? A little modesty never hurts.

How to block a Twitter account

Obviously nothing prevents you from removing the most unbearable followers. This will allow you to clean up your news feed and keep only the really interesting people. But for that you have to block their account..

  • Launch the Twitter app on your phone
  • Open the profile page of the user you want to block
  • Click on the Option button composed of three small superimposed dots at the top right of the window
  • Tap the block line is in the drop-down list
  • Confirm your choice

Once completed, the user will no longer be able to see your tweets, send you messages or follow your account. This will allow them to know that you blocked them on Twitter. If you know this person in real life, this could create a conflict.

Gently remove a member from their subscriber list

Blocking an account is far from a trivial act. The user concerned will not receive any notification related to the blocking but by going to your profile page, instead of your tweets, he will see a message written in capital letter: you are blocked.