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Prevent your AirPods from automatically switching between devices

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Why do AirPods automatically switch to another device


The latest iOS update allows AirPods to automatically connect to a Bluetooth device depending on where you are. However, in some situations this can be seen as a problem. Fortunately, it is possible to prevent AirPods from automatically switching between devices..

Why do AirPods automatically switch to another device

The auto-switching feature was introduced by Apple to make life easier for AirPods users. For example, suppose you are listening to music on your Mac when all of a sudden your iPhone starts ringing.

Well with iOS 14, your AirPods will stop the music on your computer and automatically connect to your phone so you can answer your call. Everything is done transparently without any human intervention..

Another example, you come home from work and put your iPhone in your room. You then go to the living room to watch a movie or series on your iPad. Your wireless headphones will automatically switch to your tablet without pressing any button.

This technology thus offers the AirPods the possibility of changing audio source without going through the traditional Bluetooth reconnection process. What once looked like science fiction is now easily accessible..