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Is my smartphone compatible with the European Galileo GPS?

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What is Galileo?


The satellite positioning system developed by ESA for the European Union offers greater precision than that of its American counterpart GPS. More and more phones can connect to it, but few owners know how to use it. Want to know if your smartphone is compatible with Galileo navigation satellites? Wondering how to use it? We answer all your questions..

What is Galileo?

Launched in the 1970s, the GPS (Global Position System) was for several decades the only satellite radio navigation system available in the world. It took until the 2000s and an investment of several billion dollars to see Europe acquire its own satellite positioning system.

The location service made in Europe has a mode of operation similar to that of its American competitor GPS. Satellites send a signal to a receiver placed anywhere on earth in order to locate it. The device does not require an internet connection..