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How to See iMessage Reactions on Android Phone

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iMessage reactions as emojis


We all secretly dreamed about it, it's now done. The latest version of Google Messages now supports iMessage reactions. These are now displayed under the message as on iPhone. This new feature is being rolled out to Android messaging..

iMessage reactions as emojis

Google Messages has supported iMessage reactions for several years. But to believe the many Android smartphone owners, the system suffered from several shortcomings, particularly in terms of the display.

Previously, when an Android user chatted with an iPhone owner, he received his reactions to his SMS in the form of a separate text message, whereas on Apple phones the latter are displayed directly with a small icon under the message concerned. ..

That doesn't seem very clear to you? Imagine for example that you give an appointment to a person for the next day at 10 a.m. via SMS. Well, most iPhone users answered those requests directly in iMessage via a thumbs up.

Problem, Google Messages did not know how to correctly transcribe this reaction. So instead of displaying the thumbs up, the Android user saw a message appear indicating that his correspondent liked his SMS. Of course, this type of response sometimes caused some confusion. It was particularly difficult to follow a conversation..

Since the last Google Messages update, things are back to normal. The American giant has improved the interface of its messaging application. iOS reactions now appear as an emoji directly below the message. It is clearer and more easily visible. For those who want more here is an application to use iMessage on an Android phone.