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View MacBook Battery Charge Cycle Count

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MacBook battery draining too fast


Your MacBook's battery is showing signs of weakness. It no longer holds the charge as before. Wondering if it's time to replace your computer's battery? Here's how to view the battery charge cycle count of a MacBook..

MacBook battery draining too fast

As we know, batteries tend to lose capacity over time. If your computer unloads too quickly and you travel often, this could be a problem for you. But then how to explain this phenomenon.

Computer batteries are designed to withstand the maximum number of charges before their performance declines. Keep in mind that the batteries of the latest generation MacBooks are able to retain 80% of their maximum capacity for up to 1000 cycles..

Beyond this figure, you can still continue to use your computer but its battery may lose storage capacity. As a reminder, a charge cycle corresponds to a complete discharge followed by a complete recharge, whether over a single day or intermittently over several days.