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Add Suggested Songs to a YouTube Playlist

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Playlists specially designed for you
Create smart music playlists with YouTube Music


The progress made in the field of artificial intelligence has given Android smartphone owners a glimpse of new perspectives. As proof, the YouTube Music music platform is now able to suggest songs to add to your music playlist based on your tastes and listening habits. Here's how it all works..

Playlists specially designed for you

We can never say it enough, music occupies an important place in our lives. And with the arrival of digital and dematerialization, musical practices have been completely disrupted. Streaming has now become the dominant mode of music consumption in many countries.

The purchase of discs and in particular CDs has given way to direct streaming most often on smartphones or tablets. In addition to free and unlimited access to a huge catalog, streaming sites also offer different tools to improve your musical experience..

The music platform YouTube Music has just developed a program (based on artificial intelligence) to suggest songs to listen to. This feature is based on your playlists, listening habits, and songs you've previously liked.

YouTube Music is responsible for finding songs that may interest you. It's an easy and ultra-practical way to discover new groups and sounds while maintaining your musical tastes..

Create smart music playlists with YouTube Music

Having access to a rich catalog of thousands of music tracks is not enough to make a user happy. Based on this observation, the American firm has chosen to add a service offering to enrich your reading lists for you.

YouTube Music isn't the only streaming service to offer these kinds of features. Spotify but also Deezer already has a music recommendation tool. Note that it is possible to listen to songs from YouTube Music for free on your Google Home. We will now see how to add a suggested song to your playlist.

  • Launch the YouTube Music app on your smartphone
  • Don't forget to update it
  • Click on the Library tab located in the lower right corner of the screen
  • Select the Reading List section
  • Choose one of your playlists or create a new playlist
  • Scroll down the window until you see the Suggestions section
  • Choose the song of your choice from the list
  • Click the icon to the right of the song title to add it to the playlist
  • Repeat for other songs you want to add

Once the playlist is finished, all you have to do is start listening and enjoy your new songs. Only regret, the list of suggestions seems to appear only for playlists containing only a few songs (less than 20). This limit may very soon be removed.

As a reminder, the YouTube Music algorithm analyzes your musical habits and creates a list of hits for you according to your affinities. So the more you use Google's streaming service, the more it can offer you titles that match your tastes.