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Add TikTok Follower Counter to iPhone Home Screen

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Succeed on social networks


Nothing is more important on social media than the number of followers. This is the criterion most frequently used to assess its notoriety and generate even more commitment from other members. With the application presented today, you will be able to follow in real time the number of your subscribers on YouTube or TikTok directly from the home screen of your iPhone..

Succeed on social networks

Few people today do not have at least an account on a social network. Among the number platforms available, TikTok has become the most influential network. Its use has become widespread in recent years, especially among young people.

All these users have one thing in common: they want to gain visibility. There are different techniques to hold the attention of other members (make the buzz) and encourage your community to share or comment on your posts..

Obviously this is a long and difficult job. Generating engagement in your posts and creating an active community is not easy. And then the competition with the other members becomes more and more fierce.