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How to Take a Screenshot on an Apple Watch

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Enable screenshot option on watchOS


The Apple Watch, like any electronic device, has a feature to take screenshots. However, this option remains relatively confidential and very few users know how to use it. In the rest of this article, you will learn how to activate and take a screenshot on your Apple Watch..

Enable screenshot option on watchOS

It's no secret that the Apple Watch is not just a simple watch, it's also a real pocket computer. But what many people do not know is that the Watch, like any computer system equipped with a screen, offers a function for taking screenshots.

You may be wondering what this option could be used for? In addition to the fact that it is always nice to keep track of your sporting achievements (the Exercise app), you can also use screenshots to illustrate a message..

But beware, on the latest versions of watchOS, Apple has decided to deactivate the function allowing you to take screenshots by default. You will therefore need to start by modifying the settings of your connected watch. Here is the procedure to follow to activate the screenshots on the Apple Watch

  • Launch the Watch app on your iPhone
  • Scroll down to the General section
  • Click on this section
  • Tap the Enable Screenshots switch

The screenshot function is now operational on your Apple Watch. However, its handling is much less intuitive than on the iPhone.