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How to make Makeup for TikTok, a selection of effects and video examples

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How to do

Makeup from TikTok is a built-in option that allows you to improve your appearance with the help of built-in tools. The available options allow you to change the teeth, add lipstick, adjust the contour and shadows, and make other changes. Below we will consider an easy way and a more progressive option, how to tidy up before shooting..

How to do

First, let's figure out how to do makeup on TikTok without using third-party tools. Go through the following steps:

  • Login to your TikTok account.
  • Click on the "+" button below.


  • At the top right, click on the "Improve" button.


  • Choose one of the available filters.

The following appearance changes for the video are available to choose from:

  • Smoothing - allows you to change the skin tone and remove uneven areas on the face. The depth of changes can be adjusted using a special toggle switch.


  • Teeth . With this option, you can make a "make-up" for the teeth and give them a white color. In this case, the degree of change is also adjusted using a special slider.
  • Contour . The task of this tool is to set the contour to the maximum limit. At the same time, the algorithm of the program determines the sharp features of the face and allows you to concentrate on them in more detail.
  • Lipstick . If you wish, you can do a quick make-up for TikTok and change the color of lipstick. There are eight options to choose from, each of which can be changed using the slider.


  • Shadows . Helps to highlight the contours of the face and choose from six options. In this case, the changes move after the user, but with a slight slowdown.


With these tools, you can quickly change the look and prepare for filming videos.


If you need a special makeover, for example, for Halloween, TikTok's built-in tools are indispensable. There are many options available to choose from:

  • cat;
  • skeleton;
  • joker;
  • vampire, etc.


One of the most sought after trends is clown makeup for TikTok for a girl. On the Internet you can find many instructions on how to create such an image yourself. To complete the job, you will need the following components:

  1. Silicone for professional make-up. Needed to create scars, scars and other realistic damage on the face.
  2. Fake blood. It is applied to the face and clothes, does not dry out, has a characteristic viscosity and color.
  3. Makeup colors. Diluted to the desired consistency, allow you to do makeup of varying complexity and create special effects.

With the help of such equipment, you can create scary images of clowns and other terrible characters. There are a number of other popular TikTok trends, for example, Pinnochio, Flapper, Rainbow Flash, Unicorn and others..

At your disposal is a built-in TikTok makeup or a set of special tools to create a more complex look. Here you already need to decide for yourself which option is right for you.

In the comments, tell us if you did a scary clown makeup for TikTok, and share a short instruction in the comments..