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How to draw TikTok with a pencil in the cells

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How to draw the TikTok application by cells?

How to draw TikTok by cells? This question is asked by users who want to see the logo of a well-known social network on a piece of paper. In general, no artistic skills are required - everything will be tied to the use of a special algorithm. You will only need to move through the cells, following the instructions provided. Became interesting? Then read on!

How to draw the TikTok application by cells?

If you are interested in how to draw a TikTok logo, then first we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the necessary tools. First, you will need a thick piece of checkered paper or a regular notebook. Secondly, it is worth getting a well-sharpened simple pencil (it is needed to stroke the outline). And thirdly, for drawing you will need felt-tip pens of red, black and blue colors. image

All is ready? Then proceed to the step-by-step instructions that tell in detail how to draw the TikTok application by cells:

  1. Using a simple pencil, draw the outline of the future drawing. The standard size is 12 by 14 cells (you can use a ruler to draw straight lines).
  2. We take a blue felt-tip pen and apply a fragment of the logo, then we perform a similar action with markers of other shades. To understand the essence, pay attention to the sketches - each cell that needs to be painted over is marked there.
  3. With the help of a black felt-tip pen, we paint over the background, trying not to climb beyond the borders. To be honest, you can find pictures on the Internet using the appropriate sites (Yandex Pictures, Google Images). There will be different examples that allow you to draw a TikTok icon.

Note! Before you start drawing, we recommend that you make a markup by putting dots on the desired cells. So the process will be as simple and clear as possible..

And if you want to draw a plane or a shrimp from TikTok, then here you have to use a pencil or felt-tip pen. It is also advisable to take thick paper so that the image does not shine through from the back. To understand the essence, you can check out the videos available on YouTube.

So, here we have figured out how to draw the TikTok logo yourself, using a ready-made template for this. Do you have additional questions? Then ask them in the comments!