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How to grow your TikTok account from scratch

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How to develop an account from scratch in TikTok?
What can not be done to promote an account on TikTok?
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How to develop TikTok from scratch? This question worries many, especially novice users of the service. If you look at the recommendations, it becomes clear that mostly only high-quality and interesting videos get there - at least, this is what the TikTok algorithms think. It should be noted that there is simply no special formula for successful profile promotion. But there are some tricks and tips that will most likely help you gain more than one thousand subscribers. And, of course, we are ready to share them with you. image

How to develop an account from scratch in TikTok?

As studies and experiments prove, it is important to start developing a profile from the very first day of its creation. The artificial intelligence of the service analyzes exactly the initial publications, and then concludes whether to promote your channel or not. Therefore, as it turned out, you need to shoot high-quality videos, prescribe hashtags and write a description. You can read about how to properly develop an account on TikTok in the instructions:

  1. We make a profile. And first of all, in order to develop your TikTok from scratch, you need to create an account with high quality. For example, come up with a catchy name, put a stylish avatar, provide information about yourself and link other social networks. You don’t have to look far for an example of good design - just open any popular profile.
  2. We publish content. This is perhaps the most difficult step in developing any TikTok account from scratch. You need to come up with a topic on which you will shoot a video. For example, you can follow the standard path and publish videos on trending topics, or create something unique - your own "trick". Of course, it is important to process the video before publishing it on TikTok. For this, both the built-in and third-party editor are suitable.
  3. We optimize content. If you start posting videos on TikTok in batches, then you definitely won’t be able to quickly develop a profile from scratch. It is important to optimize publications so that the service algorithms pay attention to them. The most effective way is to indicate thematic hashtags, that is, keywords. To select tags, you can use special online services (or copy them from other authors).
  4. Interaction with other authors. Channel development on TikTok cannot be fast, but it can be accelerated by making joint videos with bloggers. As you know, the application has a "Duet" feature designed to be integrated with other authors. Choose a blogger with a similar number of subscribers, and then offer him a collaboration.
  5. Communication with the audience and content plan . It will be difficult, or rather almost impossible, to develop your TikTok from scratch without a clear strategy. It is for this reason that we recommend scheduling the release of new videos. It can be done in a table format, for example, in Google Sheets. And do not forget to respond to the comments of subscribers, maintaining feedback with the audience.


Important! We recommend switching to a professional account to access the statistics. So you can analyze all the indicators and monitor the development of the profile..

So with these tips, you will be able to grow your TikTok from the ground up. Of course, you should not expect quick results, but with a confident approach, you will get several thousand subscribers. The main thing is not to stop and publish new content regularly. image

What can not be done to promote an account on TikTok?

Proper profile promotion will bring new subscribers, and incorrect promotion will lead to account blocking. So what can not be done to develop the channel? Here is a list of the most common mistakes:

  • Cheat. Yes, many novice authors still resort to using mass liking and mass following services. You need to understand that if abused, you can get your account blocked, and in the best case, face a shadowban.
  • Alien content. If you decide to develop your TikTok from scratch, then you definitely shouldn't publish videos of other bloggers. Try to come up with something of your own, otherwise it will definitely not work to promote the profile. Either a copyright block or slow development awaits you.
  • Prohibited content. In the hope of getting into the recommendations, some users start uploading, to put it mildly, strange videos. Remember that TikTok has its own rules, so for the slightest violation you can lose your account.

image As a conclusion, we note that it is possible to develop TikTok from scratch, but for this you will have to make a lot of efforts and deal with the intricacies of the service. Do you have any questions? Then feel free to ask them in the comments under our article!

Our selection of instructional videos