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How to make zoom effect on TikTok?

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How to use?

TikTok's zoom effect will move your face towards the camera without you having to move! Let's discuss one of the most common options, learn how to use it and make videos attractive and interesting!

How to use?

First, let's discuss the most common way to zoom in on TikTok - the automatic zoom zooms in on you and shows you zooming in from the right angle. The instruction is:

    • Open the TikTok app;
    • Click on the plus sign in the center of the screen - on the bottom panel;


    • Select the camera rotation, apply a filter if necessary, and start shooting by clicking on the red round button;
    • As soon as you finish shooting the video, you can click on the red check mark on the right;


    • Look for the "Effects" icon in the bottom bar on the left;


  • Go to the "Transition" tab;
  • You want the first icon labeled "Zoom In".

When you press the button once, a small piece at the beginning of the video will be selected. To repeat the transition, click the desired number of times on the arrow that appears on the right..

There is a second way to make an approximation - quite original.

    • Open the TikTok program;
    • Click on the plus sign in the center of the bottom panel;
    • Click on the "Effects" button on the right;


    • Open the "Top" tab and find the icon depicting a person with a raised hand - and green eyes in the background;


  • Click on it (it is better to immediately click on the tab on the left to add to favorites);
  • Tap the screen three times at the right moments to take a freeze frame;
  • You will see that the face is zoomed in by 3x and becomes the background for the main video.

Now you know how to bring the face of TikTok closer with a special effect - you will surprise your favorite subscribers with themed videos!