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How to get followers on TikTok

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How does subscribers get cheated

Getting followers on TikTok is not always an easy task. Sometimes audience growth is too slow - despite great content, so you need to help yourself get closer to popularity. How to do it: below..

How does subscribers get cheated

In search of an answer to the question of how to get followers on TikTok, let's turn to all available methods. The first thing a user can do is to independently try to gain an audience using mass following and mass liking. What to do?

  • Go to the pages of people and put likes on the video, write comments and be active;
  • Follow other accounts.

Some of the people you "appreciated" will come to your profile and leave a mutual subscription, that's cheating. It is important to monitor the quality of the content - no one wants to make a response gesture if there is nothing to look at on the page.

If you don’t have time to engage in following and liking on your own, there is an opportunity to cheat for a fee, using special programs like TikTok Tool, Tokker and others. We talked about this in detail in a separate article!

The second option is to use special services for cheating subscribers, this can be done for a fee and for free. We do not recommend using free applications - most often activity is boosted by bots, this is bad:

  • After a while, the bots themselves unsubscribe;
  • TikTok bans accounts with such activity.

If you do not want to lose your profile, you need to attract real people. Here is a small list of sites and programs where you can get a similar cheat service for a sane amount:

  • tiktok-free.com;
  • mrpopular.net;
  • morelikes.ru;
  • tik-top.com
  • vktarget.ru;
  • Tik Booster;
  • Crazy Fans;
  • TikBoost.

image Why do a lot of followers appear, where do they come from? These are offers - people who are ready to subscribe to the page for a small fee. Absolutely real pages of existing users, no hacking, only high-quality promotion!

Many are interested in the question of whether TikTok pays money for subscribers. The social network itself does not monetize the content - you will not benefit from the growth of followers. But the answer to the question of how to make money exists - on advertising!

Finally, for the sake of interest, let's see who has the largest number of followers on TikTok - we made a small TOP-10!

  • charli d'amelio - over 60,071,000;
  • Loren Gray - more than 43,370,000;
  • addison rae - more than 42,139,000;
  • Riyaz - about 40,121,000;
  • BabyAriel - almost 33,167,000;
  • Spencer X - about 30,456,000;
  • GIL CROES - more than 27,419,000;
  • Arishfa Khan - almost 27,098,000;
  • Will Smith - more than 26,755,000;
  • Awex Darbar - almost 24,973,000.

Impressive numbers, right? If you want to get a little closer to the TOP of the most popular tiktokers, read our review carefully! We told in detail how to get followers on TikTok on your own or with the help of special programs. Good luck!