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How does the TikTok income calculator work?

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How to use the income calculator?

Not everyone knows about the TikTok income calculator - if you are interested in development opportunities or want to find a successful tiktoker for cooperation, this tool will come in handy! image

How to use the income calculator?

Note! The tool in question is not related to the developers and has not received official approval. It was created to provide potential recommendations for influencers. Simply put, you can see indicators that allow you to choose the best blogger for advertising..

What does the Mafluence TikTok calculator show? Mafluence Calculator

  • Follow the link https://mafluence.com/ and enter the name of the profile in the search bar that opens;
  • After a few seconds, the analytics will load - in Russian.


You will see the following income indicators:

  • Number of posts;
  • Number of subscribers;
  • User activity in percent;
  • How many likes were left by users;
  • TikTok user avatar;
  • Estimated earnings from one post.


Money-calculator of income in TikTok does not teach earnings: it is an analytics tool. If you want to learn how to promote a profile, increase popularity and reach of subscribers, you need to buy the appropriate course or study the issue yourself. On the service page there is a link to training (with a promotional code), but we cannot advise or dissuade - this is your decision. First, carefully study the reviews and the presented course program!

We talked about the money calculator for TikTok - evaluate its capabilities, experiment and study the information provided in detail. you can do it absolutely free!