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How to Follow and Unfollow on TikTok

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How can you follow on TikTok a person who interests you and unsubscribe from an uninteresting profile? Let's talk - read our review right now!


First, let's talk about how to follow a person and start following videos in the feed. There are several ways - they are simple, understandable. Choose your favorite!

  • Launch a social network;
  • Find an interesting page - in the list of recommendations or through the search bar;
  • Open the user profile and click on the red "Follow" button below the avatar.

image The second option is elementary - if you see an interesting video in the recommendation feed, just click on the user's avatar marked with a plus sign. It is located on the left panel. image

A little trick. Open the profile you are interested in and click on the down arrow - you will see similar recommended accounts. Under each avatar there will be a TikTok subscribe button..

Don't want to follow updates? Let's figure out how to unsubscribe on TikTok.


If you do not want to watch the videos, you need to unsubscribe - just follow the simple instructions:

  • Enter the "I" section on the bottom panel;
  • Find the "Subscribed" icon;


  • Find an uninteresting account in the list and click on the "Subscribe" button opposite - you will unsubscribe automatically;
  • Or open his profile - under the avatar there is a button in the form of a little man marked with a checkmark;
  • Click - here is the answer, how to unsubscribe from a person on TikTok.
image image

Similarly, you can find a person's page through the "Subscriptions" section on the main screen. Congratulations, you have learned how to manage the feed - watch and like only good content!