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How to do meditation on TikTok - step by step instructions

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What it is?
How to use?

Meditation on TikTok is an effect that has become a real trend for some time! Let's learn how to use this opportunity and together create an original, cool video that all your subscribers will love? We will tell you what to do - you just have to read and put into practice..

What it is?

First, let's talk about how the TikTok meditation effect works! Imagine that you are leaving your body? This is what the option looks like!

  • A few minutes after the start of shooting, the picture freezes;
  • You "get out" of the body and start moving;
  • The second image is transparent and blurry - as if the soul has got out of the body.

Enough detailed description? If you are interested, let's try to use the effect in practice! Ready? image

How to use?

We will tell you in detail how to use meditation on TikTok - our instruction eliminates any questions!

  • Open the application;
  • Click on the button in the form of a plus sign - it is located in the center of the bottom panel;


  • Find the leftmost icon with the image;
  • Scroll through the masks in the "Trendy" section and find the icon in the form of a face with eyes raised up;
  • Click - the inscription "Use meditation" will appear on the screen;


  • Click on the red button to shoot the video;
  • Start moving! After a few seconds, your image will freeze;
  • A second image will appear - start making any movements;
  • As soon as the shooting is completed, click on the red checkmark;
  • Use filters, add music or stickers and click "Next";
  • Add a caption or hashtags and click the "Post" icon.

Ready! Now you know how to make meditation on TikTok - let's surprise and be surprised, because there are so many cool interesting videos ahead.

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