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How to shoot hands free video on tik tok

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General recommendations
An example of shooting without hands

There are 2 options for shooting clips on the social network: manual (recording continues while the user holds a special button) and automatic (recorded without the participation of hands). How to make videos on TikTok without hands? How to set up recording, select music and set the desired camera? Read about all this in the article..


To make a video, you need:

  1. Run the application and go to the clip creation section (the “ + ” icon in the lower main menu, located in the center). image
  2. In the menu on the right, select the clock icon with the number 3 (second from the bottom). It will help you set the time for automatic shutdown of shooting. image
  3. Mark the end of the video on the timeline. The maximum duration without sound track is 60 seconds, with sound track 15 seconds. Shooting in TikTok will automatically pause at the second you set. If the time has not been set, the recording will go to the end.
  4. Press the "Start counting" button.

Recording will start 3 seconds after pressing. To stop it ahead of time, you need to click on the icon at the bottom of the screen.

General recommendations

Before you start shooting on TikTok without hands, you can choose the music for the video. To do this, go to the "Select a sound" section (located in the top center). You can choose from the recommended ones or upload your own file. Remember that the audio track limits the maximum recording time to 15 seconds . For convenience, turn on the front camera. You can do this through the menu on the right - the topmost item. image

To shoot an interesting clip, you can use different special effects : filters, masks, screen division, acceleration and deceleration. All these features are available on the page for creating a new video..

image image

An example of shooting without hands

Check out some of the top Tiktok clips shot in automatic mode:

  • Funny and funny situations;
  • mixed selection;
  • Finger dance;
  • Dancing.