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how to duet on tik tok

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How to make a duet on TikTok
TikTok couples - video compilation from the application
Duet with a friend
Duet with any user
TikTok duet with a cat

If you are tired of shooting solo in the Musicalli application, then we will tell you how to make a duet in TikTok. This will be another step on the way to the recommendations feed and to the collection of a large number of likes and fans..

A duet is when you shoot a video together with another account , while the screen is divided in half, like this.

How to make a duet on TikTok

You can make a video duet in the TikTok app with your friend or any stranger, and even with a cat! Let's get it right, keep reading..

Duet with a friend

Have you already decided who this lucky guy is? Then it's time to make a video. Our guide to help:

  1. Click on the bro in friends from your profile;
  2. A friend's page opens;
  3. Select the video you have already shot in your friend's feed that you want to make in tandem with him; image
  4. Click on the three dots at the bottom right; image
  5. Choose the option you need; image
  6. Now you can record a joint video.

You, as the author of the video, choose the musical accompaniment. You can do this by clicking on the cross at the bottom of the Select Music screen. There are also two modes displayed:

  • "Remove first";
  • "From the library"

Video filming is in full swing. You can make music playback speed faster or slower, change camera settings, color filters and apply masks.

How to make a double video on TikTok if a friend is not online? A friend is not responding to a duo shoot request sent? It happens to us too. Use the already shot videos that are on his page..

Duet with any user

In the same way, you can share the screen with any user, even a very popular one.

  1. Open the selected clip of the TikTok user of interest; image
  2. Click on three dots and start shooting; image
  3. You can add filters and effects; image
  4. Enter #duoTikTok and a couple of popular hashtags;
  5. Click publish;
  6. You can share the video on social media.

TikTok duet with a cat

To make a cat video, you need a BANBO cat video. Download it. Here is a link to it on YouTube.

  1. Shoot your part to the same music - HandClap - Fitz and The Tantrums .
  2. Edit clips, trim the excess and merge into one using the "splice to movie" option.
  3. Add hashtags and post.
  4. You should get something like this:

TikTok couples - video compilation from the application

  • By hashtag #duet :
This improvisation is no less popular than with a cat: And this is more like a quartet:
  • “Beauty” reincarnation:

Benefits of TikTok duo:

  • The clip is watched simultaneously by the audience of two accounts, because the clip will appear in both feeds;
  • Causes more interest, because two people are shot at once in the video.

And remember, the more original your videos are, the more views they will get. Create an interesting couple clip with your partner and surprise TikTok users!