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How to Use Wired Headphones on an iPhone

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The jack plug has disappeared from iPhones


Since the release of the iPhone 7 at the end of 2016, Apple smartphones no longer have a jack. Should we definitely put away our wired headphones and headsets? No. getFastAnswer reveals several methods for connecting wired headphones to a latest generation iPhone..

The jack plug has disappeared from iPhones

When unboxing your new iPhone, you probably had the unpleasant surprise of discovering a phone without a jack. Don't worry, it's not a mounting issue. Apple like many other smartphone manufacturers has decided to remove the jack from all its smartphones.

The famous 3.5 mm connector for headphones is now a thing of the past. The Apple brand is now relying on AirPods, revolutionary wireless headphones. These featherweight audio accessories operate using Bluetooth technology and do not require any wired connection..

Sales of these True Wireless headphones are exploding all over the world. But let Walkman aficionados be reassured. Don't leave your wired headphones at the bottom of the drawer. The iPhone does not have a headphone jack but does have a Lightning port.

The latter is used to recharge the iPhone but also to transport data and in particular music. For example, you can use it to connect headphones. Many companies market headphones that plug directly into the iPhone's Lightning port. Here is a method to control your phone directly from your headphones..