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Find out how to block a Wi-Fi network on Android

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Disable Wi-Fi auto-connection on Android
Prevent your phone from connecting to a Wi-Fi network


Is your smartphone constantly trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network? This irritates you and you are looking for a solution to prevent it from automatically connecting to a wireless network that you were previously using..

Disable Wi-Fi auto-connection on Android

Cinemas, shopping malls, hotels, amusement parks and even public transport offer free Wi-Fi connections. These wireless accesses represent added value for regular or passing customers. Public Wi-Fi networks have proliferated in recent years.

This allows you to check your email, make Wi-Fi calls, watch a video or surf the web without using data from your mobile plan. These connections are particularly interesting when traveling abroad. And icing on the cake, you don't have to pay anything since the connection is offered by the establishment you are visiting..

Although very convenient, these free Wi-Fi networks are not safe for your smartphone or your personal data. Without you knowing it, a hacker could try to steal your web identifiers or your bank details. You will find in this guide some advice to protect yourself from data theft: should you be afraid of public Wi-Fi access?

Another problem, Android phones have taken the bad habit of automatically connecting to the open Wi-Fi network (hotspot not requiring a password). This function may seem very useful on paper but in reality it can be very dangerous.

Imagine that your smartphone connects to a pirate network pretending to be the free Wi-Fi connection of an establishment that you used to frequent. The hackers behind the attack could thus recover your unencrypted data and some of your passwords..

Prevent your phone from connecting to a Wi-Fi network

There are, however, some precautions to take to avoid this kind of problem. For example, you should never consult sensitive websites (such as that of your bank) from a free connection. You can also prevent your Wi-Fi from automatically turning on when it approaches a known network.

You may not know it, but Android keeps the GPS location of all the networks you connect to. Once the network is saved, your phone will attempt to connect to it whenever it comes within range of its GPS location.

  • Open your phone's Android settings
  • Click on Network and Internet
  • Tap the Wi-Fi option
  • Select the Wi-Fi Preferences section image
  • Uncheck the Automatic Wi-Fi activation box image

If you are used to using public Wi-Fi networks, it is imperative to use a VPN application. Sending data to the hotspots will then be encrypted. The hacker will not be able to read the intercepted data.

Also consider deleting unsafe Wi-Fi networks saved on your smartphone. The purpose of this operation is to delete the connection and the password associated with it. Obviously the next time you try to connect to this Wi-Fi network, you will have to re-enter the login credentials. However, this option is still very useful for public networks found in shopping centers or airports.