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Find out how to reduce the size of an animated GIF

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Improve the performance of your posts by reducing the weight of your GIFs
Compress an animated GIF


What better than an animated GIF to give a little life to a post on social networks? But beware, some social platforms impose a maximum weight not to be exceeded. getFastAnswer gives you some secrets for compressing and reducing the size of an animated GIF..

Improve the performance of your posts by reducing the weight of your GIFs

Formerly corny, the animated GIF has become in the space of a few years very hype and ultra unifying. Just browse the news feeds of social networks and messaging to be convinced. This image format (Graphics Interchange Format) has for some time benefited from growing interest from Internet users and in particular from the younger generations.

You will find in this article, our selection of the 5 best sites to find an animated GIF. You will see the offer is substantial and these services deserve to appear in your bookmarks. You will not be disappointed. You can even create your own animated GIFs from a video..

As you will have understood, these files are very popular on social networks. They allow you to share your emotions much better than with words. However, the animated GIF, like any video format, is subject to several constraints, including weight.

As always the file size varies depending on the number of images added. Problem, some social networks impose weight limits for this type of format. For example on Twitter, an animated GIF must not exceed 5 MB on the mobile application and 15 MB on the web interface (website)..

If exceeded, your animated sequence will simply be rejected. The blue bird social network does not offer any automatic scaling system as is the case with other photo formats.

Compress an animated GIF

Whether you are a Community Manager (CM) or a simple user of social networks, you will inevitably one day face a weight problem with an animated GIF. Fortunately, there are various services on the internet to compress your GIFs.

Compressor is a site specializing in optimizing images that can be used on both computers and smartphones. You drag your file into the area provided for this purpose and the site will take care of reducing the size of the images while taking care not to damage the quality of the images.

  • Open your web browser
  • Place your finger on the URL bar and enter the site address https://compressor.io/ image
  • Select the desired compression type: lossless without loss of quality or lossy (drastically reduces the size of the file but the quality of the image may be degraded image
  • Drop your file in the large rectangle provided for this purpose
  • Wait a few seconds for the algorithms to do their job (status bar displays the duration of the remaining time)
  • Click the Compare button to see the difference between the original file and the compressed image
  • Tap the download button to download the compressed animated GIF to your device

The tool is particularly easy to handle. The only problem is that you cannot reduce the size of a GIF by more than 10 MB. To circumvent this limit, you will have no choice but to upgrade to the Pro version. The subscription will cost you 50 dollars for an entire year, which is quite reasonable.

The Pro version also has different tools to change the file size and thus reduce the weight of the animated sequence a little more. This menu also offers you the possibility to play on the compression rates.