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Deezer: display the translation of the lyrics of his favorite songs

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Start translating the lyrics of your favorite song
Changing the language of the lyrics, yes but!


You regularly listen to music in English but you don't understand the lyrics. That's good. The Deezer streaming platform has just launched an automatic translation function for song lyrics. The system is currently limited to a catalog of 10,000 songs but new titles should arrive very soon. Now let's see how to use the lyrics translation tool on the Deezer app..

Start translating the lyrics of your favorite song

There are dozens of ways to improve your level of English and music is one of them. Learning the words of a song by heart is an excellent exercise for practicing Shakespeare's language and improving your accent while having fun. But still it is necessary to understand what one sings.

For karaoke fans who have had trouble with English, Deezer offers a song lyrics translation system. The feature is already available on all Deezer platforms (Android and Apple iOS mobile app, web interface and Windows app). Here is the procedure to follow to access the translation of the songs..

  • Launch the Deezer app on your phone
  • Open one of your favorite playlists
  • Start the song of your choice
  • Then click on the microphone icon
  • Select the Lyrics option
  • Finally press the With translation button

The lyrics of your songs will scroll across your phone screen with the music, with the added bonus of the translation just below. So you can continue to follow the lyrics in their original language. Perfect for spending a nice karaoke evening while working on your English. image

In France, the translation tool offers different languages. You will be able to translate the lyrics from English to French, German, Portuguese or Spanish. Translations receive the right level of processing. This allows you to fully understand the meaning of the verses and to fully enjoy the work. Deezer also offers the possibility of reporting any translation errors found.

Finally last important point, the Deezer translation module is accessible regardless of the type of account used. You are therefore not required to have subscribed to a premium offer (paid) to benefit from it..

Changing the language of the lyrics, yes but!

Please note that Deezer's song translation function does not work on the entire catalog (90 million songs). At the time when the getFastAnswer team is writing its lines, only 10,000 tracks will be able to benefit from this new feature. It's a little and a lot at the same time.

image Deezer has also just posted a playlist (Hit Tracks, Hot Lyrics) offering 30 songs so that you can test this new translation function very easily. Among the songs offered, you will find very popular singers like Justin Bieber, Adele or Elton John.

If that doesn't suit your musical tastes, you'll need to exercise a bit of patience. There is no doubt that the French music streaming service will very quickly correct this small defect by offering a wider choice of songs.

Anyway Deezer remains the only music streaming service on the market to offer this type of option. For its part, Spotify is working on a similar function, but it is still in the testing phase for the moment.