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Why WhatsApp blocked my phone number?

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Here are the reasons why WhatsApp blocks or suspends an account
Use unofficial apps
Your account has been reported by a multitude of users
Harassment on WhatsApp


If you're reading this, it's a safe bet that your smartphone displays a message telling you that your phone number is blocked on WhatsApp. So why such a ban? Is there any solution to recover a suspended WhatsApp account? In this article we will try to understand why WhatsApp blocks certain phone numbers and how to prevent it from happening again..

Here are the reasons why WhatsApp blocks or suspends an account

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging service in the world. Losing access to your account can quickly turn into a nightmare. This is equivalent to losing contact with a whole section of one's friends or family.

image Fortunately WhatsApp rarely suspends the accounts of its users. This only happens when they violate the platform's terms of service. Here are several reasons why WhatsApp can ban you..

Most likely, you have already witnessed a spam campaign. WhatsApp messaging is often the victim of this type of practice. Of course, there's no need to explain to you that the platform hates that.

Never have fun sending a huge amount of messages to people you have never been in contact with. WhatsApp has a robot capable of detecting these practices. You will then be automatically banned from the application. Here's a guide to what the checkmarks mean..

Use unofficial apps

There are different software on the net that can enrich and increase the functionality of WhatsApp. This is particularly the case for the WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp application. These unofficial tools will allow you, for example, to send larger files, to see the status of deleted contacts, to send automatic replies or to increase the personalization of messaging.

As much to tell you right away, immediately uninstall these applications from your smartphone. WhatsApp automatically bans all users who use these tools and blocks the phone number of the people concerned.

Your account has been reported by a multitude of users

Another reason WhatsApp blocks a phone number is for account reporting. Indeed, WhatsApp offers its users the possibility of reporting any account that seems suspicious to them (spam, sending links pointing to unwanted files, hacking attempt, etc.).

If your account has been reported by a large number of people, there is a good chance that the platform will start monitoring your activities on the messaging system. You should know that the use of malicious software leads to the automatic closure of your account.

Harassment on WhatsApp

As you will have understood, the risk of being banned from WhatsApp depends essentially on your behavior. Never have fun harassing, threatening or insulting someone. Also never try to send inappropriate photos to a user.

WhatsApp's terms and conditions of use clearly state that such behavior will result in immediate account termination. This also applies to messages glorifying and promoting crimes and violent activities.

Similarly, WhatsApp prohibits the creation of counterfeit accounts as well as identity theft. If you try to impersonate someone else, you risk having your phone number blocked.