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How to hide whatsapp profile picture

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Stop others from spying on you on WhatsApp
Hide your WhatsApp profile picture from some of your contacts
Hide your photo on an iPhone


Don't want your co-workers and other WhatsApp members to see your WhatsApp account profile picture? No problem. Prodige Mobile gives you a tip so that only your favorite contacts can see your profile photo. Here are the steps to follow to maintain your anonymity on WhatsApp..

Stop others from spying on you on WhatsApp

Private life and social networks have never gone hand in hand. And things don't seem to be getting any better. Indeed, nothing prevents someone with your phone number from snooping on your WhatsApp profile. And the result can be catastrophic.

Imagine for a moment that your boss or your ex came across your profile picture. Worse, some smart guys could steal this photo and then use it to create fake social accounts on the internet..

In short, you will have understood that it is better to make sure that everyone cannot see your profile picture. That's good, the WhatsApp application has new privacy rules to better protect your privacy.

Hide your WhatsApp profile picture from some of your contacts

WhatsApp gives you the option to select who can see your profile picture. It would be a shame not to take advantage of it. We will now see how to change the visibility settings of your WhatsApp account. In this guide, we will be using an Android smartphone. You will find the procedure for the iPhone in the next section..

  • Launch the WhatsApp application on your Android phone
  • Click on the Menu button (3 vertical dots) located in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Then select the Settings option
  • Click on the first section entitled My Account
  • Tap the Privacy section
  • Place your finger on the Profile picture line
  • Check the box corresponding to your choice: My contacts, No one, Everyone
  • My contacts, only people whose phone number is saved in your phone book. If you opt for this option, you must not forget to delete the number of contacts at risk
  • Nobody: as the name suggests, your photo will no longer show up on WhatsApp

Your friends might find it strange not to see your face anymore. This is why it is advisable to check the My contacts box. However, don't forget to clean up your phone book.

Hide your photo on an iPhone

You certainly know it, what better than a beautiful photo to showcase your WhatsApp account. But exposing yourself publicly on an online messaging service like WhatsApp is not without danger. Transparency has its limits. Here's how to hide your profile picture on an iPhone.

  • Launch the WhatsApp app for iOS
  • Click on the Settings icon in the shape of a toothed wheel
  • Then go to Account, Privacy then Profile picture
  • Follow the instructions given in the Android section (the procedure is identical)

Whether it's your ex, your office colleagues, distant friends or complete strangers, no one will be able to spy on your life without your knowledge. This is all the more important, as it is not possible to know who is viewing their WhatsApp status. Similarly, the application does not notify you when a member takes a screenshot of your profile picture.