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How to record screen on Samsung S10

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 Recording with "AZ Screen Recorder"

This is an app that you can have for free, which allows you to make the screen recordings easily, in addition, that counts, with many other features. This is why, before you start, you must acquire it by the means of downloading that you consider convenient:

Step 1

We proceed to install the app and it opens, so that it starts running. Then, on the side of the screen, a series of functional options will appear, with which this app has to be executed. To start recording, you must click on the "Recording" symbol.

Step 2

Immediately a message will appear with all the information about the process, what you must do is press where it says "Start now" and automatically, the timer will make "3,2,1 ..." to start the recording.

Step 3

From here, everything we do on the mobile will be recorded, even if at any time you want, you can pause or edit what is being recorded. Once finished, you go to the gallery and look for the folder with the name of the recording, to be able to enjoy what has been done.

 Recording with Game Launcher:

It is another app that allows you to carry out this recording process, for this, you only have to acquire the app by different means, and do the following on your mobile:

Step 1

In the apps looking for Game Launcher, but you must go to Google Play to install it from your Samsung easily.

Step 2

This is a game app, however, it can fulfill the function of recording. When you log in, you will see a list with many alternatives of installed games. Click on the top part, where are the three points, which is the "Menu".

Step 3

Click on "Add application" and decide which apps you will record on the screen and click "OK".

Step 4

You start to open the app independently or with Game Launcher, you will automatically see that a menu will appear below, you must click on the game control figure, which is on the left.

Step 5

Go to "Game Tools" and press where the "Settings" are that is symbolized by a gear or sprocket. Immediately press "Record" and choose "Audio source" or allow the microphone to be on to record voices.

Step 6

Go to the app again, press in the control of games and press "Record" there, you will be automatically capturing the screen. Once finished, you will be able to see what was recorded in the gallery of your Samsung.

Like the previous one, you can also stop or resume the recording, what you should know, is that if the app is closed, the process is lost.

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  • Access Game Launcher. You can find it among the pre-installed applications
  • Add the applications you want to burn. Three points> Add application
  • Launch the application you want to burn out of Game Launcher
  • Click on the icon on the left that appears in the bottom menu
  • Access Game Tools and press the wheel
  • Press Record> Game> Audio source
  • Go back to Game Launcher and press "Record"