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1st method: turn off Bluetooth and then turn it on

Turn off the Bluetooth device for 1 minute, turn it on again and try connecting with other Bluetooth devices.

Settings> Connection> Bluetooth> enable OR Swipe down the notification panel from the top of the screen> Touch the Bluetooth icon

Now try to connect and check the correction Note 10+ Bluetooth problem.

2nd Method: Forget the paired device fix Samsung galaxy Note 10 Bluetooth problems

Make sure your device is paired with the same device you want. If it is connected but Bluetooth is not paired in Samsung Note 10 plus, delete the connected pairing and add it again.

Settings> Connection> Bluetooth> Select paired device> Settings> Forget

Wait 1-2 minutes and turn on Bluetooth and try to connect Note 10 and 10+.

3rd Method: Clear the Bluetooth application cache in Samsung Note 10

You will try to clear the application cache in galaxy Note 10 using application settings. It will delete the temporary data of the application from your device.

Settings> Applications> View all applications> Three vertical dots (More) in the upper right corner> Show system> Bluetooth> Storage> Clear cache

If clearing the cache cannot solve the problem, clear the storage or delete the data in Note 10+.

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Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ network settings

It will delete all saved Wi-Fi networks, paired Bluetooth and mobile data connection of your Samsung Galaxy.

Configuration application> General management> Reset> Reset network settings> Reset settings> Reset settings

Now restart your device and try to pair it with another Bluetooth device or car and verify to fix galaxy Note 10 Bluetooth connectivity problems.

I hope one of the solutions above worked for you. If you have any useful tricks to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Bluetooth problems, click on the comments and let us know!