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How To Hide Application on Samsung Galaxy A70s

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Hide apps On Samsung Galaxy A70s

The first thing we must do is open the menu of our Android phone, making sure that the application we want to hide, is NOT on the desktop. If so, we simply remove it by keeping it pressed and dragging it towards the cross that will appear in the upper margin.

  1.  Open  Android Menu , we should look at the upper right margin, about 3 dots (one below the other).
  2. Once pressed this button, we must give it in the option that says «Hide applications«.
  3. This tab will be closed, and it will allow you to select the applications that you want to hide on your device (they will not be uninstalled).
  4. Finally, once you have selected the desired ones, we give you where it says "Done" in the upper right part of our device.
  5. Ready! You already have your apps hide on your Samsung Galaxy A70s, in a fast way.

How to hide an application Samsung Galaxy A70s

How do you see the process to hide apps in the Samsung Galaxy A70s is very simple and fast.

If you want to go back, and see the applications that you have to hide, all you have to do is open the menu again, press the 3 dots, and give the option that says «Show hidden applications». And ready, you can see all the apps you've hidden.