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How to read deleted message and sent to my WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is known to everyone that it is the best known and used instant messaging application worldwide. Despite the fact that it started being only an application intended for the exchange of direct messages between contacts, over time the number of new functions has grown massively. Users always expect something new from this App and without a doubt when the possibility of deleting messages sent within a period of 7 minutes was officially launched, WhatsApp was applauded by the user community..



However, this is sometimes inconvenient for us since someone has sent us a message that has subsequently been deleted but we wanted to know what it was or we are curious to know what it was that message. Here we explain in TechnoWikis some simple steps that you must follow to know how to access all these messages despite the fact that they are deleted on WhatsApp before the 7 minutes of rigor that the App allows.



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Step 1

The first thing we have to do is go to the Play Store and download the “Notification History. It is an official and free application.


 Notification History


Step 2

Once we have it downloaded to our phone, we have to give permission to the App so that it can access notifications from our phone. We will see that a pop-up window appears for it.




Step 3

To do this, select the app under "access to notifications"




Step 4

You must also enable within "Accessibility" the "Notification History".




Step 5

Now you will see that if you receive a WhatsApp message that is later deleted, you will be able to see it in the app.




Step 6

Once here we will see a list with all the applications in which we have received notifications. We enter WhatsApp and we will see the deleted message.




Step 7

You will be able to receive all the messages you have received even if they have been deleted.




In this way it will not matter if these messages are deleted within 7 minutes, since with this App there will be a record of everything we have received on our phone..