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How to verify Instagram account with the blue badge

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1. How to have a verified badge on Instagram
2. How to activate two-step verification Instagram

The social network that has gained the most fame in recent years is Instagram. Purchased by Facebook in 2012 for $ 1 billion, Instagram's popularity has been growing at times by facing its main competitor Snapchat..


Thousands of public figures are those who have decided to join the platform and with them millions of fans to follow all of their posts . The increase of this type of accounts together with all the new characters known as "influencers" that represent Instagram, forced the application to introduce verified badges in 2014.



1. How to have a verified badge on Instagram




What is a verified badge?
The verified badges are blue marks with a blank check that appear next to the name of the account of the social network and that indicate that it is a confirmed account of a public figure, famous person or world mark that it represents.


In this way, your identity cannot be supplanted and is a sure way for the Instagram network to become a reliable place for all your followers.


What do I need to have a verified badge on Instagram?
In the event that what you are looking for is that your account receives a verification badge, you should bear in mind that Instagram has currently communicated from its official website that it is not possible to request or acquire a verification badge.


The only case in which this badge could be awarded is if there is a situation where the account has a high probability of impersonation..



In the case of having verified insignia on Facebook, can I have it on Instagram?
Currently having a verified account on Facebook is not synonymous with being able to have it on Instagram. In these cases, what you could do is link your Instagram profile account from your official website, Facebook page or official Twitter account.





2. How to activate two-step verification Instagram



For the moment and if you do not meet the above requirements, the only thing left is to activate the two-step verification of Instagram to keep your account as protected as possible and prevent them from accessing it with greater security. For this you must follow the following instructions


Step 1

The first of all is to access your account and enter the settings. Once here we have to enter the "two-step authentication" tab. In the new window we have to activate the button "Request security code".


image image


Step 2

Then we will see a message indicating that we will receive a text message with a security code that we must use every time we want to enter the application. Once we receive this code, we can verify our account.


image image


In this way we will have greater security in our account and it will be more difficult for them to access our account since it will be this new verification code.