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Disconnect apps that have access to your Twitter account

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Many sites and applications allow their users to log in from their Twitter account. There are many benefits for users. But beware, it is imperative to monitor access to your social accounts. For more security, it is better to revoke access to sites and applications that you no longer use..

List the apps and web services connected to your Twitter account

Authentication systems using social network login credentials are very popular on the net. For the developer of the site or application, this device allows him to save long hours of work.

For the user, the identification solution with a Twitter account will save him from having to fill out a registration form. Internet users do not appreciate this type of exercise. And then with social login no need to remember dozens of different passwords..

This facility should not obscure the precautions to be taken to protect your personal data. This is why it is essential to regularly list the apps and web services that have access to your Twitter account and to your tweets programming.

  • Launch your web browser
  • Open the Twitter web page
  • Click on the connect button
  • Enter your login details
  • Press the menu button (round icon with three dots aligned in the middle)
  • Select the settings and privacy option
  • Click on the privacy and security section
  • Then click on personalization and data then on see your Twitter data
  • Select the applications, devices and information section
  • Make a last click on connected applications

It takes a long time, but once you have done this, you will see a list of all the services that can access your Twitter account. By clicking on each of the icons present in the list, you will obtain additional information such as the date of the first connection as well as the details of the authorizations (read, write)..