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How to get more followers on Instagram

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Why are Instagram followers so important?
Legal techniques to acquire more followers
What you should never do to inflate your audience
Work on your profile
Define a publication strategy
Exploiting hashtags
Stories and locations
Post regularly on Instagram
Promote your Instagram account


Like all Instagram users you only dream of one thing, having more followers. Unfortunately there is no magic solution to get thousands of subscribers. However, by taking advantage of the many features offered by this network, you can easily expand your community. Here are 5 simple and super effective tips to increase your Instagram audience..

Why are Instagram followers so important?

The passion to exchange on social networks has gradually turned into a race for subscribers. In an ultra-connected world, brands and influencers are constantly looking for new strategies to succeed in capturing the attention of internet users and gaining their loyalty. And the exercise can be much more complicated than it seems.

And do not think that this follower hunt only serves to satisfy the ego and recognition needs of certain instagramers. The number of subscribers have a real impact on the reach of your publications. Having a large community has many advantages..

  • The photo sharing site generates traffic to web platforms and in particular e-commerce sites
  • A large number of subscribers increases awareness of their account or brand
  • This social network facilitates the creation of links to your site or blog and therefore improves your SEO

Instagram is a powerful tool and much appreciated by Internet users. Used effectively, it creates a special bond with friends or clients and highlights its expertise. You will position yourself as an essential reference in your field.

Having a large community gives your customers or future prospects a sense of confidence. It is an absurd but human reaction. It is easier to enter a crowded restaurant than an empty establishment..

What you should never do to inflate your audience

Before we discuss the different strategies to put in place to acquire many followers, let's take a look at what should never be done. As you certainly know, some people do not hesitate to use techniques to artificially inflate the number of their subscribers. One of the most common cheating practices is buying followers.

The technique is simple. We go to a follower purchasing site, we select a subscriber pack, we enter our pseudonym, we choose the delivery rate (for example 50 subscribers per day) and then enter the number of our bank card.

The number of subscribers will increase day by day throughout the duration of the contract. So certainly it allows to increase its visibility without much effort and in a relatively short time. But this is not without risk.

Instagram has launched the hunt for fake accounts for several months. The photo sharing site now has several tools to unmask artificially obtained subscribers. He regularly checks the fake followers and then deletes them (likes, comments and subscriptions).

Accounts that have violated the terms of use of Instagram may also suffer penalties and in particular lose visibility in the news feed of their subscribers (shadowban) and in the results of the search engine. If you absolutely want to increase your audience, it is better to think twice before buying followers on the net.

Legal techniques to acquire more followers

Everyone knows that it is particularly frustrating to create an account on a social network and end up with a number of subscribers close to zero. Some are even forced to deactivate their Instagram page for lack of followers. There are, however, a few techniques to build up that figure and increase your online reputation.

Obviously the beginnings will be difficult but with a little practice and tenacity, we can get good results. But you will see that increasing the number of its subscribers is not as complicated as it seems.

Work on your profile

One of the key elements of your account is the Instagram biography. This is also the first thing that a user sees when he arrives on your profile. This is why it is essential to take special care.

Start already by choosing a pretty portrait of yourself. Favor a photo with a neutral background and on which you wear a magnificent smile (no need, however, to do too much). If possible, avoid shirtless shots at the beach or photos taken during well-watered evenings.

image Then write a presentation text, taking care not to exceed 150 characters (limit set up by Instagram). Take this opportunity to indicate what you are doing and to clearly specify the themes of your publications.

Stay as authentic as possible and do not try to fool internet users. Your Instagram profile should reflect your true personality. People follow you for what you are and not for what you dream of being. Consider inserting line breaks to aerate your bio and make it more digestible. You can also brighten up this description with one or two emojis. Here you will find the procedure to add a certified badge to your Instagram account.

Define a publication strategy

To increase your audience on Instagram, it is not enough to post beautiful photos. Above all, we must define an editorial strategy and stick to it. Raking broad by posting trendy photos unrelated to its audience will quickly prove counterproductive.

Start by listing all the keywords related to your activity. You can get help from the Instagram search tool. The latter offers different categories and a list of useful hashtags.

Also, don't hesitate to visit your competitors' pages and watch their hashtags. This could give you ideas. Take inspiration from what works elsewhere while always trying to add a personal touch and adapt it to your own style.

Also remember to take care of your publications. Focus on quality rather than quantity. Make the crowds dream, Instagram is an inspiring content site. Your photos should make your future followers want to subscribe. Unique content will also help build a committed community that respects memory.

Exploiting hashtags

The use of hashtags makes it possible to discover its content and to attract new subscribers. This is a very useful and yet underestimated feature. Always keep in mind that Instagram's internal search engine uses hashtags to rank different posts.

So choose these hashtags carefully. If you work in fashion or in restaurants do not overuse generic keywords like #fashion or #Food. These are very popular but the competition is fierce. You may encounter enormous difficulties in appearing in the first results.

Don't hesitate to use less sought after niche hashtags that are easier to position yourself on. Your profile will be propelled to the top of the results pages of the Instagram engine with the key to an increase in the number of views on your photos.

Do not forget to vary the keywords used. Instagram penalizes accounts systematically using the same hashtag on these photos. If you run out of ideas, get help from specialized tools in this area. There are dozens of them on the net.

Stories and locations

There is no miracle in attracting new subscribers. It is essential to vary the content and not be content to always use the same formats. Videos and stories are also very successful on Instagram.

These two types of publications represent one of the best solutions for engaging in conversation with its subscribers. Several studies have shown that stories on Instagram generate far more engagement than just a photo.

image Also try to stick as closely as possible to the expectations of Internet users. Occasionally share publications on another topic. Rest assured that this will not harm your editorial line. You just have to make sure to remain consistent with the aesthetic code of your previous publications (color, style, etc.)

Likewise if you want to reach a wider audience, don't forget to use the Instagram location feature. You will be amazed at how much the simple fact of adding GPS coordinates to a photo can boost its visibility. As a reminder, this device allows Internet users to find all the photos taken in the same place.

Post regularly on Instagram

To benefit from a very strong commitment, there is no miracle recipe. You must publish regularly while taking care to post your photos during peak traffic times. To know when his community is present on the net get help from statistics provided by Instagram.

This will give you directions on how to organize your publications calendar and when to put them online. Generally, the best time to post is between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. But beware these data vary depending on the target. There are differences in consumption habits between adolescents, students, managers and young mothers.

Take care, however, not to go overboard and overdo it. Flooding its subscribers' Timeline daily with dozens of publications risks annoying them very quickly. Mass mailing is also the first criteria for unsubscribing. Also avoid repetitive publications with always the same type of subject. Nobody likes spam.

Promote your Instagram account

Feeding your profile with quality content is good, but it is not always enough to increase the number of subscribers. With the increase of Instagram profiles, competition between Instagramers has become increasingly fierce. Whether you like it or not you will have no choice but to work on promoting your account.

Fortunately, Instagram provides webmasters with various tools to promote their account and increase its visibility. If you have a website or blog, it would be a shame to miss out on these valuable tools. You will find on this page a selection of the best Instagram widgets for WordPress.

You can also ask your Facebook and Twitter followers to follow you on Instagram. This is a tip that you never think of and which can however pay off. In addition it is relatively simple to set up.

  • Open the Instagram app on your smartphone
  • Go to the application settings by clicking on the Menu button at the top of the window
  • Select the Find my friends option
  • Click Connect to Facebook
  • Enter your Facebook credentials (email and password)
  • Click the Follow All button to automatically subscribe to your friends' Instagram accounts
  • Normally a significant number of them will in turn subscribe to your page

This should be enough to get you past the psychological bar of 100 subscribers. You can also add the address of your account on all your paper supports (business card, letter with letter etc ...)

There is no secret recipe for getting the maximum number of subscribers. Each community, each theme has its own particularities. Test the different features available to you on Instagram and see what works best with your audience.

Do not hesitate to use filters and photo editing applications. Most influencers and stars use it regularly. The background should be as elaborate as the shape.