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How to Hide applications  on Samsung  Galaxy S10

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Hide app on Galaxy S10

Go to the application you want to hide and hold its icon until a menu appears. Click on "Remove from start" so that its icon disappears from the main screen.

Show hidden app on Galaxy S10

Swipe the home screen up with your fingers to see the application drawer. Press a few seconds on the application that you want to see again in the start menu and choose the option "Add to start".

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There are several ways in which you can hide the applications of your S10, the main one, and it is the one that I use, it is simply deleting them from the startup section, for this you should only:

  • Go to your main screen
  • Once there, proceed to select the app you want to delete for a few seconds.
  • Given this, the system will show you a drop-down menu of options, in which you have to select the option "Delete from start".
  • As you will see, when you have already done this action, the icon will disappear from your screen.


However, you may want to remove this icon equally from your application menu, if so, you just have to complete these steps:

  • Go to the "Settings" tool of your system.
  • Afterwards, you have to go down, and select the "Screen" option that is there.
  • Then, go to where it says "Home screen".
  • Next, you must go to the last section of the window where you will appear and select the option that says "Hide applications".