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How to restore your Apple Watch from a backup

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The Apple Watch like all Apple brand mobile devices has a free backup system. The information stored on the watch is thus automatically stored in the memory of the iPhone. In the event of a problem, you can use one of the backups on your phone to find all your precious data and your settings on your Watch. Here is the procedure to follow..

Back up Apple Watch content

Have you ever thought about backing up your Apple Watch data? No never ? No need to panic. The operation is done automatically once your watch has been paired with your iPhone. You don't have to worry about anything.

However, care should be taken not to lose your phone. The backup is saved on your mobile, in case of loss you may find yourself in embarrassment. Apple also advises its customers to back up their iPhone on another medium (iTunes or iCloud) for more security..

I invite you to follow the recommendations of the Cupertino company and to set up this system as quickly as possible. If this seems a little confusing, you will find on this site various tutorials to help you configure a backup from iTunes or iCloud.

What data is saved?

It is also imperative to keep in mind that this is not a full backup of your watch. Apple has decided to limit the scope of the backup to a few specific data..

Some information saved on your watch will therefore not be synchronized. This is the case for example of playlists, unlock code, calibration data and credit card numbers in Apple Pay.

This should not, however, bother you too much. The essential information and the files whose content brings real added value will be automatically saved. Here is the list of data that you can restore on your watch

  • Notification settings
  • All the data stored in the Health application (awards, history, achievements, etc.)
  • System parameters but also the screen brightness, the time zone and the haptic feedback configuration (vibration)
  • All installed applications and data related to their use
  • All music tracks synced with iPhone
  • Siri settings for Apple Watch series 3 and above
  • Synchronized photo album
  • Dock settings
  • The layout of application shortcuts on the watch screen
  • Without forgetting the custom dials

Erase the contents of your Apple Watch

Restoring Apple Watch data from a backup presents no particular difficulty. However, this operation can only be done if the watch has been reset beforehand. Note that if you have a new Apple Watch, you can skip this procedure and go directly to the next chapter.

To erase the content of your Apple Watch and restore it to its original state (ex works) you will have to dissociate it from your iPhone. Obviously all the data synchronized on your phone will not be affected by this manipulation. The backup of your watch is safely stored in a special directory on your smartphone.

  • Open the Watch app on your iPhone
  • Click on the My Watch tab
  • Check the box corresponding to your device
  • Tap the small icon to the right of your watch name
  • Click the Unwrap Apple Watch button
  • On the latest generation watches with an internet connection, you will need to remember to keep your mobile data
  • You may be asked to enter your password
  • The watch data will then be automatically deleted

Note that during the disconnection process, the iPhone will take the opportunity to make a last backup of your watch. This is to ensure that you have a recent and usable backup.

If for different reasons, you cannot dissociate your Apple Watch from your iPhone, be aware that there is a second procedure to erase the content of your device. Attention, important detail, resetting your device will be done without any backup. To be sure not to lose any data, it is advisable to connect your Apple Watch and your iPhone before deleting the data.

  • Launch your iPhone Settings
  • Click General and then click Reset
  • Select the option Erase content and settings

Note that this procedure requires entering the Apple Watch activation code. This device has been developed to prevent unauthorized use of the watch in the event of loss or theft.

Restore Apple Watch backup saved to iPhone

Your Apple Watch is now ready to restore your connected watch. You should see a large font on its screen that says Start Pairing with Your iPhone.

As a reminder, there is a different way to associate a watch connected to the Apple smartphone. The solution presented below is certainly the simplest to implement. In case of problem, know that it is possible to perform this operation manually using the name of your Watch

Turn on your watch and place it on your wrist
Launch the Watch application on your iPhone
Press the start pairing button
Place your phone on top of your watch, taking care to center the watch face in the viewfinder iPhone camera
Click on the Restore button from the backup
Select from the list, the backup of your choice
Enter your Apple credentials

Once your choice is validated, the iPhone will restore all the data on your Apple Watch. All you have to do is configure your Apple Pay code and pair any Bluetooth devices you may have used with your watch.