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How to find your Airpods using your iPhone

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Apple Airpods are the best in Bluetooth headphones. But this miniaturization taken to the extreme may cause you some problems. Indeed it is very easy to misplace them. Fortunately, Apple offers a function to locate its AirPods from its iPhone. Let's see how it works..

Configure the location function of AirPods

Each earpiece is barely 40 mm long and weighs no more than 4 grams. With such measurements, it is inevitable that you will lose them one day, especially if you are the head to air type.

To avoid this type of situation, it is essential to assign your AirPods a dedicated place in which you will store them each evening. In this way you will minimize the risks of losing them but also of damaging them. And then we feel much better in a tidy house..

Unfortunately all these precautions are not always enough. If you lose one of your wireless headphones you don't have to send everything to the four corners of the house. The iPhone now has a tool specially designed to find your lost Bluetooth headphones.

image Note that this device only works if the charging case is open and the AirPods are within range (Bluetooth) of your smartphone. This corresponds to approximately a radius of 10 meters. In the absence of a Bluetooth connection, the iPhone will indicate the last known position..

Another important point, the Find My iPhone application needs to be activated beforehand. Here is the procedure to follow. Without this mandatory step you will not be able to find your AirPods.

  • Open your iPhone Settings
  • Click on your name and email address at the top of the window
  • Select iCloud
  • Scroll down to bring up the Find My iPhone option
  • Click the switch to activate the Send my last position and Find my iPhone function.
  • Then enter your Apple ID to confirm your choice

How to find a lost AirPod

Have you just lost one of your earphones? Do not panic. Once the Find My iPhone application is configured, you will see that it is possible to find your Apple Watch or wireless headphones in a few seconds.

  • Launch the Find My iPhone app
  • Log in using your Apple IDs (email and password)
  • You should see a list of all the devices connected to your iCloud account (Mac, iPhone, iPad and of course AirPod)
  • A colored dot in front of the name of each device indicates its operating status
  • Green color means the device is online
  • The gray point means that the device is not connected to the internet. It is either turned off, discharged, out of Bluetooth range or simply stored in its box
  • The blue dot corresponds to the device you are currently using
  • Then select one of your headphones
  • Its current location or the last known location will be displayed on a map
  • If a green dot appears next to the name of your headset, it means your device is near your phone
  • Click the Ring icon to force your headphones to make a sound. The volume will gradually increase over two minutes.

If the AirPods are offline (gray point), the application will have a harder time locating them. However, it will provide you with the last known location. Then all you have to do is pick up your AirPod while keeping your cool. Do not hesitate to get help. Sometimes we tend to look and always look in the same direction.