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Apple Watch: remove watch activation lock

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The Apple smartwatch has an activation lock identical to that of the iPhone. Designed to prevent thieves from accessing your data, this lock must be released before the Apple Watch is sold. If you plan to acquire a second-hand connected watch, you will need to make sure that the activation lock has been removed. Here's how to do it..

What is the Apple Watch activation lock for?

Activation lock is a security device put in place by Apple to deter iPhone and Apple Watch thieves. Once this protection mode is activated, it makes the watch totally unusable, even if the thief erases the content and the settings of the device.

Without the security code, the Apple Watch cannot be paired with another iPhone. By turning on the watch, thieves may be disappointed. They will come face to face with a message asking them to enter the identifiers of the iCloud account with which it was previously associated..

You should know that the activation lock is triggered automatically as soon as the Apple Watch is paired with an iPhone. When buying or selling, you will need to check that the latter has been deactivated on the watch.

Remove the activation lock from Apple Watch

Mobile devices have multiple security features. Apple Watches are also known to be difficult to use in the event of theft. Before you set your sights on a used watch, you will need to do a few checks. It's one thing to find an Apple Watch at an unbeatable price, but you still have to be able to use it..

  • Open the Watch app on your iPhone
  • Press the tab on my watch
  • Select the name of the Apple Watch displayed on the screen
  • Click on the small symbol i surrounded by a circle
  • If in the next window you see the section find my Apple Watch, it means that the activation lock is active on your watch

If you sell or give your Apple Watch to a third party, make sure to deactivate the Apple Watch on your iPhone before giving it to the new owner. In case of error or mishandling, you will find here the procedure to restore an Apple Watch from a backup.

  • Start your Apple Watch
  • Open settings
  • Open the general section then click on reset and erase all content and settings
  • Restart the watch
  • If you see the activation screen, the watch is still linked to the iCloud account of the previous owner
  • Ask him to enter the code and remove the device from his iCloud account

You can then safely pair the Apple Watch with another iPhone.