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5 solutions to repair a touchscreen that no longer responds

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The touch screen of your Android smartphone no longer responds to the pressure of your finger? It seems to have become completely insensitive to touch? Do not panic. Today we are presenting various troubleshooting solutions to repair a failed screen without having to use after-sales service..

What should I do when my touch screen no longer works?

Since the advent of all touch, the sensitive screen has become the most important component of our smartphones. We use it all day long to enter messages, launch applications or just play.

And that is the problem. Because the touch screen is more fragile than it looks. No brand or device is immune to this type of failure. And when the touch function stops working, the whole smartphone becomes unusable. You can no longer do anything, or even access your personal data..

First of all, you should know that a malfunction on the touch screen of a phone does not necessarily result from a hardware failure. Most of the time, one or two operations are enough to find a fully functional touch screen.

Clean your smartphone screen

Before using your phone, you need to make sure your hands and your phone screen are clean and dry. The tactile part does not support humidity (sweat) and grease. Indeed, the presence of dirt or liquid substance risks modifying the precision of the slab contact detection system..

This is why it is recommended to thoroughly clean the screen of your phone using a microfiber cloth. This will not damage the glass surface of your phone. However take care never to use chemicals. The acetone, ammonia or alcohol contained in certain solutions weaken the protective coating placed on the screens.

Also make sure your hands are clean. Finally, last important point, most phones do not work with gloves. So remember to remove them before using your smartphone. See also: how to fix a sleeping pixel.

Restart your phone

This advice risks making a large number of readers smile. And yet, in many cases a simple restart is enough to resolve the abnormal behavior of the touchscreen of some smartphones.

  • Hold down the power button on your device until the boot menu appears
  • Click the Restart button
  • If the screen refuses to respond to your requests, keep the power button pressed for several seconds

Wait a minute before pressing the power button again to restart it. If the touch screen still does not work after restarting the phone, you will have to go to the next step.

Safe mode

Before contacting after-sales service or launching a replacement for your mobile screen, we recommend that you start Android safe mode. This will allow you to ensure that it is a software problem and not a hardware defect.

Safe mode is a kind of diagnostic mode for Android smartphones. It will temporarily disable all third-party applications installed on your device. Only the essential components of Android will be loaded at startup.

You will find in the opposite link the procedure to put an Android device in safe mode. If the touch screen responds while the phone is in safe mode, you will need to find the application that is causing this problem.